Okay, so it's not a concert evacuation on the scale of Lollapalooza's situation yesterday, but for attendees of today's Mad Decent Block Party in Williamsburg, Mother Nature made the fun stop too early by unleashing a thunderstorm right before the headliners. HOWEVER: Major Lazer just Tweeted, "MUSIC HALL OF WILLIAMSBURG #MDBP2012 AFTER PARTY TONIGHT - NO RAIN!"

But back to the rain: The forceful showers caused some momentary panic for the concertgoers. Reader Heather Camarata sent this video, "We were walking by just as the Mad Decent Block Party was letting out. Chaos ensued! We stopped to watch rather than be run over and heard gems such as 'Brooklynnnnn 2012!!!!' 'Oh my god!' 'what is happening?!!!!'"

Mad Decent Block Party attendees fleeing from Gothamist on Vimeo.

Still, attendees were happy (we think?):

And here's a video from one concertgoer: