Despite the cold weather, yesterday's Idiotarod in Brooklyn was a successful bounce back from last year's nadir. The event culminated in an after party at the Gowanus Ballroom, with all money going to Hurricane Sandy relief. And it was quite the affair, with a full size catapult hurling flaming shopping carts across the space. Check out video of it below.

In addition to the flame throwers and flaming shopping carts, there was the official awards ceremony, lots of performance art, and a few musical performers. Photographer Tod Seelie gave this report:

The after party was organized as a Hurricane Sandy relief fundraiser by the Gowanus Ballroom with help from long-time Idiotarod racing team Fakework—they're the ones in the queen costumes. First there were the awards ceremony, with cash and trophies of tiny shopping carts for first, second and third place. The Disasterpiece Knight Shift team not only took home gold, but also won "Best Bribe" for making MC Anney Fresh a child-sized suit of chainmail for her unborn baby. Performance artists kept the night lively (and weird), Matthew Silver is the guy screaming in a speedo, followed by a three-person team aerial performance. A bunch of bands had people dancing all night, most notably the Hungry March Band and Morgan O'Kane.

There was also a small photo show featuring photographs of the Fakework team from the previous years (seven in all). The highlight of the night was definitely the Cartapult, built by the Gowanus Ballroom for the party. The flaming shopping cart was a creation of Dan Glass, which was ignited by a homemade flamethrower. Thankfully the whole thing took place in a flame-resistant metal working shop.

Check out a few more videos below and lots of great photos above.