We enjoy a good old-fashioned building implosion as much as the next website, but we have never loved anything as much as the people in the video below love watching the Wellington Hotel Annex in Albany blow-up yesterday. Watch the "historical" moment happen below.

This is what God was intending when she gave unto the Earth building implosion porn.

According to AP, the 11-story Wellington has been in Albany since the 1920s, and was demolished to make way for a new $66 million convention center. "That was really an amazing thing to see," Mayor Kathy Sheehan told the Albany Times Union. "To see so many people come out and witness history in the making and history in the coming, it's really a wonderful thing."

There is no angle of this implosion that hasn't been documented.

Long after we are gone, our children's children's children's Bob Dylan will write songs about the day the Wellington imploded.

New infrastructure costs $66 million; implosions are priceless.