Giants quarterback Eli Manning took to Saturday Night Live to mock his New York credentials, as well as rival quarterback Tim Tebow and big brother Peyton Manning. Manning acquitted himself admirably, and the sketches, on the whole, were pretty good, though writers did put Manning in drag (that's a go-to for athletes who host).

There was a great spoof commercial that tapped into the Fifty Shades of Grey craze and Sacha Baron Cohen appeared as "The Dictator" on Weekend Update, with Martin Scorsese as himself. Weekend Update also featured Patricia Krentcil, the tanorexic mom, who was really dehydrated.

Also, SNL paid tribute to Adam Yauch by showing a brief clip of the Beastie Boys performing Sure Shot—we were hoping for AdRock and Mike D to perform, but the only live musical performer was Rihanna. Next week, Will Ferrell hosts SNL with musical guest Usher.