Since we tend to avoid Times Square under all circumstances, we've yet to experience the joy of stumbling upon tween band Unlocking The Truth rocking out with their particular brand of 6th grade shred metal. But after watching the videos below of the three-piece performing (legally) by the subway entrance at W 40th Street and 7th Avenue, it almost makes us want to take a trip to Disney Square just for them.

The group, which consists of 11-year-old Brooklyn residents Malcolm Brickhouse (electric guitar) and Jarad Dawkins (drums) (as well as new bassist Alec Atkins), first formed as Tears of Blood in 2007 (when they were...6). They've been performing around Times Square for at least a year on-and-off. In a profile by the Voice last fall, they discussed their intense practice schedule ("When we have a show, my mom makes us practice as late as 12, making us do hour sets and 15-minute breaks") and revealed they had some real insights into their fellow rockers, as when they discussed Slash: "He's mean. He has a rhythm guitarist, but he wants the fame, so when the rhythm guitarist has a solo, he comes next to him and steals the fame."

If you want to see them in person, they have at least three shows scheduled in Times Square this month (check their Facebook for more information), including one tomorrow starting at noon. If you do go, make sure to wear appropriate headbanging clothes.