Neil Diamond surprised his fans with a "secret" Brooklyn show yesterday, the first concert he's ever performed in his home borough. While some fans won tickets ahead of time (and traveled from as far away as Texas), others lined up for stand-by spots yesterday afternoon when the singer announced over Facebook and Twitter that extra tickets would be handed out at 3 p.m. All in all about 600 people were in attendance for the intimate show, which was hosted at Erasmus Hall High School, where Diamond attended briefly in the mid-1950s.

According to Billboard, "The 73-year-old took the stage and soaked in the loud applause while bouncing a pink rubber ball, then asked who the real Brooklynites were in the crowd. Those with the proper street cred knew it was a Spaldeen, the go-to source of entertainment old-school city children, one which Diamond called 'better than an iPhone for any kid.'"

Below, some highlights... in 15 second increments.

You can see Diamond's second hometown show early next year, when he plays Barclays Center, if you didn't make it to this one... like Geraldo did. He's the in-focus guy in this photo he Tweeted:

UPDATE: Here's a cute video from Neil Diamond's team.