Melissa McCarthy, always a reliably excellent host, has helped elevate this season of Saturday Night Live to new peaks with her Sean Spicer impression, and now she's made the legendary Five-Timers club. After not quite making the club last year, McCarthy was genuinely surprised and moved when Steve Martin (who has hosted 15 times) appeared at the end of the show to present her with her own Five-Timers smoking jacket.

Her status was cemented by a solid outing as host. Besides offering a new turn as Spicer, she charmed with a Mother's Day monologue that plucked a mom named Joan from the audience and took her on a whirlwind backstage tour of the set—Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds happened to be hanging around—and gave Joan an opportunity to walk out as an SNL host.

McCarthy also went above and beyond with physical comedy in a dessert-themed game show that had her repeatedly pelted with pies and cakes, and then doused with high-powered sprays of water. She also proved she's not afraid of unflattering wigs, from a suburban moms skit to a bit about a production company's logo.

Other highlights included an awesome commercial for Amazon Echo for senior citizens ("I don't know about that"); an update on Leslie Jones' and Kyle Mooney's relationship; some veteran Hollywood actresses sharing their thoughts on the film industry; and a Weekend Update with Michael Che's neighbor Cathy as well as Pete Davidson talking about his $40,000 horse-focused rehab stint.

Click through for videos of sketches, plus Haim's performance.