Every week, Saturday Night Live is pretty dependable for a few laughs interspersed among incredibly varied qualities of sketches—it's always better when they ramp up their surreal tendencies and downplay their least likable ongoing sketches (looking at you, "The Californians"). But it's become much rarer to have a front-to-back good episode—and this week's installment, hosted by Justin Bieber, was definitely not one. And a lot of that was due to the fact that despite him not being a very funny or comfortable host, the audience was filled with Beliebers—they ate up any awkward, pandering thing he gave them (flashing his abs, singing a capella, saying he was sorry for smoking weed).

But there were highlights: Kenan Thompson was fantastic as “that one black guy in every commercial” on Weekend Update; the Bieber-mocking sketch featuring all the Bieber decoys seemed to have some real tension between the star and the performers (unfortunately, this sketch is not online); and despite it being a one-note joke, we kinda loved the yell-happy "GLICE" sketch. Taran Killam was sorta channeling Chris Farley! A lot of other people seemed to like it too, it seems.

Click through for those sketches, plus a Super Bowl cold open, Bieber's Valentine, the antics of Taco, Bravo's newest reality shows, the return of the very adult The Miley Cyrus Show, a "Grease" parody, Weekend Update, and Bieber performing two songs that we definitely didn't mute, no sir.