Like all reasonable people who partake in enjoyable things, we are eagerly anticipating the new season of Louie, which is set to premiere on FX on May 5th. The first trailer for Season 4 showed Our Hero jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge with a bouquet of roses in his hand. But all week, FX has been quietly releasing more promos featuring actual footage from the new season, including a guest appearance from Jerry Seinfeld. If you ever wanted to see Seinfeld say "vagina dirt" or see a receptionist use a vibrator as a back massager, check out all seven of the promos below.

As previously reported, the new season of Louie will include 14 episodes spread over seven weeks. The new season includes a mix of first season-esque episodes (lots of snappy sketches, multiple stories in an episode) and some multi-episode arcs (ala "Late Show" or "Daddy's Girlfriend"): “There's some episodes that are just like, let's really get some basic laughs with some of these. It was fun to go back to that. And then there's other stories that, it's just gonna piss you off.” At the Paley Center event for the show last year, C.K. added that “I have a stomach ache about” one episode in the new season in particular, though he wouldn't go into specifics about the story.