After taking the R train and posing for pics with fellow straphangers, Jay-Z performed the final show of his eight night residency at Barclays Center in Brooklyn last night. The climactic concert was live-streamed on YouTube—video and audio excepts from it will also be released this week on the Live In Brooklyn EP—and you can see plenty of highlights (including the whole set at the bottom of the post) below. And of course, there's no higher highlight than Beyonce—watch her perform "Crazy In Love" and duet with her husband on the set-ending "Young Forever."

"Of course I had to let BK touch the stage in BK—well BKC now," Jay-Z told the crowd about Beyonce Knowles Carter. During "Crazy In Love," Jay-Z slipped backstage, and ended up missing his cue on the tune. MTV reported that, "Hov would later admit that he got so wrapped up watching Bey from the monitors backstage that he forgot he was supposed to come out to rhyme. 'Oh sh-- I should probably rap here,' Jay later explained of his mental lapse."

Check out more highlights, including "Run This Town," "99 Problems," "Hard Knock Life" and more below.

The News says Jay-Z got on the subway at the Canal Street station around 6 p.m., and started small-talking with an older woman (you can see their picture together here). Sources told the News that Jay-Z may have skipped paying though: "Escorted by plainclothes police officers and his own security, Hova didn't seem to pay for the ride and attracted a loud band of followers that made him look like the Pied Piper."

And in the video below, you can watch the entire two-hour long concert from start to finish (although, don't be surprised if this video gets taken down):