According to the latest data, the number of known new cases of coronavirus in NYC has begun to trend downward, but that doesn't mean New Yorkers can just start running around the city going to secret apartment raves. Health experts and officials are still urging everyone to follow social distancing guidelines to prevent the disease from spreading around, which will only become harder as the weather continues warming up and parks become irresistible oases. But some ingenious New Yorkers have come up with a unique way of getting outside and socializing while keeping their distance from other people.

As you can see in the videos below, a few Harlem residents have started setting up InstaPod Under The Weather Tents (which cost less than $100 online) on the sidewalk so they can safely hang out while eating and drinking.

In the other videos below, they returned in the evening to watch Drake music videos projected onto a wall on the street. "It don't look like ya'll on the block chilling, ya'll look like you're in another fucking world somewhere," the videographer said. "What country is that shit? I want to hang out. Can I hang out with you guys?"

We've reached out to the video uploader for more information about how this all came together, and will update if we hear back.