A lot of Americans have gone through the vertigo-inducing experience of being stranded at the airport for an extended period of time—and while most would probably be satisfied to kick back with a game or two of Boggle, or drown their airport sorrows at a sorrowful airport bar, the dudes in the videos below decided to have some fun with the moving walkways. We dare you not to smile:

It's hard to tell which of the local airports it is (one person suggested it may be Newark, although the uploader had said they were stuck in NYC), but this is some universal human experience material right here—the kind of thing we can all lock hands and appreciate, like drinking games during presidential debates and sheep with upside-down heads. On the other hand, there's something a tad bit snooty about these guys—what, were they too cool to pull off everyone's go-to walkway move, the moonwalk?