It's been just over a month since we closed the book on Saturday Night Live season 41, celebrating the finest of the season with roundups of the best live sketches and the best pre-taped segments.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from instant classics such as "Bern Your Enthusiasm," "Farewell Mr. Bunting" and "Meet Your Second Wife," there is the treasure trove of cut-for-time sketches that never quite made it to air. It's a fascinating glimpse into the SNL process, with several of these sketches getting cut during showtime with one host, then re-tried with another host a few weeks later, only to get cut again. Some of the sketches are complete failures or one-note riffs; others are just a little too weird even for the 10-to-1 slot at the end of the show. And there are a couple that'll make you throw your hands up in the air and wonder how they could have dropped it in favor of Horny Henry VIII.

SNL has been selectively putting a few online all season, but have really gone wild since the season ended, with five cut-for-time sketches (and one video of "bonus footage") being put up in the past month. Below, you can watch all 15 cut-for-time sketches that have been released so far.

First up: Drake is the new guy at the office, and he is having a hard time understanding his coworkers' lingo.

Greg's friends, including host Ariana Grande, want to support him in his musical dreams:

Ancient Egyptian tears and the blessing of the goddess Linda turns regular women into Workplace Warriors with feminine business skills, shoulder pads and chopped salads.

Beck Bennett's character Johnny really doesn't understand the concept of roasting in this sketch from Chris Hemsworth's episode. If you like cringe comedy, this is one of the best of the cut-for-time sketches.

Fred Armisen keeps getting embarrassed at coat check while on a date.

Travelers eulogize a fallen member who died on the Oregon Trail with some excellent Aidy Bryant singing and Brie Larson dancing.

Remember Paul Ryan? Remember when he was rumored to be running for president? This is what that might have looked like.

Ariana Grande starred as Judy Garland in her fabulous 1961 sci-fi musical film, "Up We Go in Our Fantastic Rocket."

Another Grande outtake was about how JoJo and BoBo know nothing about March Madness.

Melissa McCarthy went on a ruthless supermarket spree in this sketch.

Kyle Mooney interviews fans waiting to see Justin Bieber perform on the TODAY show in this excellent bit.

Mooney teams up with Amy Poehler for one of the best cut-for-time sketches from last winter.

Mooney and Beckett, the kings of cut-for-time sketches (if you haven't been paying attention), brought back their bizarro universe '90s ABC sitcom vibes for a sketch with Ryan Gosling.

Almost nothing was the Donald Trump episode should have made it to air, and the same goes for this Trump hair sketch.

Kyle Mooney isn't scared of anything—even being stabbed to death—on a Halloween first date.

And finally, check out the aforementioned bonus footage of The Force Awakens screen tests.