It seems like only yesterday we were saying goodbye to season 40 of Saturday Night Live by toasting to the tenaciousness of child molesters (and counting down our favorite sketches of the year). But SNL returned last night for the first episode of season 41 as SNL-y as ever, with (it sounds weird to say, but it's true) SNL vet Miley Cyrus pulling double duty as host and musical guest.

Even though much of the episode served as an unofficial Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsement/advertisement, there were plenty of other sketches that contained the usual SNL mix of hilarious surrealism, painful political commentary, and dead-in-the-water jokes. Overall, it was a weak first episode that really hammered the political stuff all night—and outside of Clinton's appearance (which had its own issues), politics really isn't the show's strong suit anymore. Cyrus receded as the night went on, with her self-consciously bizarre musical performances standing out much more than anything she did acting-wise.

Of course, looking back at the premieres of the last couple years, SNL never really comes out of the gate with its strongest material. No classic sketches in sight, but there was plenty to think and talk/complain about the next day on social media, which is just about the best marker for a successful SNL episode in 2015 as we're going to get.

Best Sketch Of The Week: Thin pickings for the episode—there was nothing close to a classic sketch tonight. Although I let out an audible groan when Cyrus picked up the microphone to sing during the Monologue, the summer-in-review turned out to be one of the better moments of the evening, and a chance for everyone in the cast to pull some good impressions (kudos as ever to perennial scene-stealer Bobby Moynihan as Jared Fogle AND Josh Duggar). The Abilify Commercial (delusional presidential candidates need medicine, not mockery) was solid, the Clinton/Val sketch was funnier than it should have been (praise be to Kate McKinnon, who is undoubtedly the biggest star on the show now, and will only get bigger once Ghostbusters: Ladies Night is released in the spring), and Leslie Jones did her strongest work of the night with the orgasmic Katz's Delicatessen .

Worst Sketch Of The Week: Welp. Homecoming Dance was about as embarrassing as a post-Monologue live sketch could get, with a premise that came down to, "wouldn't it be edgy if Miley rapped?" Why they didn't put the Taylor Swift-baiting The Squad in this slot and/or the Clinton/Val one boggles the mind. The American Voices sketch was hampered by technical difficulties and was instantly forgettable.

But the worst of the night was The Millennials, which was the laziest, dumbest attempt at creating a recurring segment as I've seen in recent years. I mean...I can't even.

Political 101 With SNL: Donald Trump (now played by Taran Killam) is secretly a Democrat; the other GOP candidates all require medicine for their collective mental illness; Bernie Sanders (according to Weekend Update) is "The Human Lorax;" and Hillary Clinton is the only person who can save America.

Best Impression Of The Week: Killam making his first appearance as Trump was pretty good, although the actual content of the sketch was pretty meh (which is perhaps why Trump didn't mind it, see below). McKinnon as Hillary was brilliant as ever, especially the way she couldn't say "vacation." But we gotta give this one to Kyle Mooney, who was both the (inexplicably Italian) Pope a couple times, and best of all, Vanessa Bayer-as-Miley Cyrus.

Did Donald Trump Watch SNL This Week? Judging by three RTs and a morning news show appearance, he did indeed watch it—and he apparently liked Killam's impression.

The Memorial Mike O'Brien 'What Did I Just Watch' Sketch Of The Week: Brushing aside the really bad stuff, Mooney and Beck Bennett get this one for their 10-to-1 Wedding sketch about Mooney marrying Cyrus and experiencing all the major life events in under three minutes.

The Memorial Miley Cyrus 'What The Hell Just Happened There' Moment Of The Week: Unlike her other times hosting, Cyrus didn't have any standout sketches this week, with only her KOOKY dress during the Monologue being very memorable. Then again, her musical performances were high-level bizarro—none of the actual tunes made much of an impression (the second song seemed to cycle through the same three or four piano chords 1000x), but the performances/style were pretty, uh, notable. And Miley apparently howled and/or cried during the 'dead petz' song.

The Three Questions Of The Week: Is Sasheer Zamata still on this show? Is Colin Jost purposefully. Talking. Like. This. Now? And is there any cast member Miley Cyrus hasn't licked at this point?

The Honorary Really? What The Hell Is Going On With Weekend Update? Award: Colin Jost and Michael Che are certainly comfortable with each other as co-hosts by now, so their back-and-forths have only gotten more natural and funny since last season. Each seems to take their time with the one-liners than they used to, with a couple short monologues interspersed between the guests.

As for the guests, Mooney was pretty good as the Pope; Leslie Jones didn't quite have her usual chemistry with Jost, but was fine; and Pete Davidson was the standout, given even more time than usual for a taste of his stand-up. If you like Davidson as much as us, we recommend you read this Times article on him. Money quote: "Pete’s really focused for someone who mostly talks about how much pot he smokes," said Lorne Michaels.

Click through for all those sketches and more. We're pretty excited for the next two weeks as well: Amy Schumer and musical guest The Weeknd are up next Saturday, and Tracy Morgan makes his return to comedy the week after.