Last week's Lady Gaga-hosted episode was a bit of a dud, and we weren't particularly looking forward to this week's Saturday Night Live host, Josh Hutcherson, aka, the short guy from The Hunger Games. On the plus side, despite some very weak material (Animal Hospital, the dreaded return of the shouty Best Buy Team), he wasn't as bad as we anticipated (though he wasn't terrible memorable either). More interestingly, SNL made the unusual decision to pour on the digital shorts this week (Matchbox 3, Dancing, Bugs), which were all better than the live sketches.

Click through for all those sketches, plus the extra surreal Thanksgiving Dinner (Vanessa Bayer IS a turkey), a George Zimmerman cold open (which was as weak as you'd expect, although it was nice to see the George Zimmer connection), the Office Boss (new guy Beck Bennet got to try out a potential recurring character), Weekend Update, and musical performances by Haim.