In recent years, Mother's Day-themed episodes of Saturday Night Live have tended toward the more sentimental, sweet side of the show, and this weekend's Emma Thompson-hosted episode had several such sketches that elicited more awwws than laughs. If you were looking for some sketches you could watch with your mom, there were lots of good options to choose from!

But in keeping with this season's general vibe, the episode was just okay—there were six good sketches worth checking out, but no classics or huge standouts, give or take a slap or two—but make no mistake: Thompson was a delight whose comedic chops should never be doubted. We can all only hope that someone casts her in a TV series that gives her the spotlight to be as hilarious as she clearly is.

The live audience could not get enough of Etiquette Lesson, which showed just how thin the line is between etiquette lessons and sadism. It was great physical comedy made sharper by Thompson's unflappable demeanor.

On the more sentimental side of things, The Perfect Mother was a pretty perfect Mother's Day sketch, showing the way people romanticize the gross chaos of caring for an infant. It was a spiritual successor to the similarly good Best Christmas Ever from the Matt Damon-hosted episode earlier this season, but with 100% more CGI baby projectile vomit.

Thompson, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant were delightful—and clearly having a ball—in Judge Court, which leaned on their spectacular chemistry (even though the sketch didn't quite make the most of its great premise).

When I saw we were getting a pre-taped Chopped parody, I groaned—this was a lot better than expected, and the increasingly surreal wordplay and gags (kitten hamburger? kitchen gun violence?) provided some hilarious twists. Big props to Melissa Villaseñor for her hand washing acting.

Bad Girl Talk Show also seemed like a groaner of a premise but turned out to be solid, empathetic sketch, and a great spotlight for Ego Nwodim, who has started to breakout more and more in recent episodes. Also, shoutout to Heidi Gardener for her bedazzled neck brace, I mean, "thick choker."

I zoned out for parts of the Beauty & The Beast sketch, but I do remember that the song Thompson sings about how Mrs. Potts and the Beast hooked-up and produced Pete Davidson's cup made me laugh out loud.

Those are the six better sketches of the night, but you'll also want to watch the Monologue, what with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler joining in to explain Mother Speak 101.

Over at Weekend Update, Heidi Gardener remains the Queen of Weekend Update Characters. I would be very happy if she appeared on it every week as a different character—this week, she brought back teen movie critic Bailey Gismert, who thinks Detective Pikachu can totally get it.

On the more sentimental side, Davidson talked about living with his mom, and then brought her out. Her Mother's Day wish was for Jon Hamm, and guess what? Hamm showed up in the closing credits with his arm around her!

Check out the rest of Weekend Update (aka the Colin Jost & Michael Che parts that don't do much for me at this point) below:

Check out the rest of the sketches below, including: the return of Kenan Thompson's iconic Reese De'What in Actress Sketch (which gave McKinnon and Thompson some fun lines, but just over-explained its premise way too much); a TV show that explores classic TV Continuity Errors (pivoting off of Game Of Thrones' infamous coffee cup, of course); and the political Cold Open (I didn't watch it out of self-care this week, so godspeed).

The Jonas Brothers performed "Sucker" and "Cool/Burnin' Up," which ya know, are songs:

And there was one cut-for-time sketch, an ad for a new British sports drink Twinings Extreme.

Paul Rudd will host next week's SEASON FINALE, alongside musical guest DJ Khaled—and then we will all be freed from the shackles of Saturday night content for four or so blissful months.