Last night, rising starlet Emma Stone hosted Saturday Night Live for a second time since 2010 (flashback: when Jimmy McMillan was the hot news figure). She mentioned her upcoming role as Gwen Stacy in the new Spider-Man reboot, adding, "Not to be confused with Spider-Man’s other girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, who is a skank and doesn’t love him like I do."

SNL also touched upon Rick Perry's debate performance and the Penn State sex scandal, with the Devil weighing in during Weekend Update. At first, the Devil thought Joe Paterno was fired over a recruiting scandal because he gets his news from Ashton Kutcher's Twitter, but once Seth Meyers filled him in, the Devil wailed, "Noooooo! Come on JoePa—a cover-up?! This is college football not the Catholic Church... This is college football, not the Catholic Church." The Devil also admitted to inventing the Internet, where "Bad decisions will live forever. Comments, tagging on Facebook, buffering—that's me." Entertainment Weekly preferred the Daily Show's handling of the Penn State situation, though—check that out.

Next week's host is Jason Segal with Florence at the Machine as musical guest.