After day three of Governor's Ball was cancelled due to the lousy weather, numerous artists scheduled to play Sunday scrambled to organize some last minute shows around the city. Headliner and frequent Ellen DeGeneres guest Kanye West got in on the action, showing up for a few songs (including new single "Champions") during the "GOOD MUSIC with Big Sean and Pusha T" set at the Hot 97 Summer Jam Sunday evening. Then he did one better when his team announced another show at Webster Hall at 2 a.m. this morning.

As anyone who waited on line for hours at Kanye's SoHo pop up store earlier this year knows, Yeezy fans really turn up for their dude. But guess what happens when 4,000+ people show up for a show at a venue that can hold less than 3,000? A show that was 21+ and sold out less than an hour after it was announced? A show in which it was never clear whether tickets WERE really on sale to begin with? A show in which it was never clear whether the venue even knew it was supposed to be happening? Chaos reigns.

#Kanye secret show, aka Armageddon

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This what happens when you push the Ye button

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The mass of adrenaline-fueled bodies brought both vehicular and foot traffic to a complete halt by 1:30 a.m. There were "Fuck Governors Ball" and "Kanye" chants (also: "Fuck Donald Trump"), people climbing scaffolding and cars, and at least one person was spotted with blood all over her foot.

As was revealed on Kim Kardashian's Snapchat account (which is truly the only essential celebrity Snapchat account, if you're into those sorts of things), West actually attempted to call Mayor de Blasio to try to convince him to shut down multiple blocks around the venue "so [fans] can have a party outside." Yes this sounds unbelievable, but here's the video evidence:

West's pleas fell on deaf ears, and then something even worse happened: the venue announced that after all that, the show wasn't happening.

Webster hall rn for Kanye. Never seen anything like this

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Not that it was enough to convince thousands of people that this wasn't some sort of false flag situation. Those who did stick around got a (very, very, very) small reward for their patience and loyalty: Kanye may have showed up for a few seconds before being whisked away by his team.

The biggest losers, of course, was anyone living in the area who fooled themselves into thinking they'd get a quiet night's rest.

Update: 2:15 a.m. There has been a TWIST in the saga:

And then Kanye definitely showed up...waving to fans from a car:

Things are getting even more heated now, as officials from the venue are still asking people to go home:

But it seems we have some clarity on the situation thanks to Kim Kardashian, who says Webster Hall shut down the gig:

Update, June 6: The Mayor's press secretary Karen Hinton has definitively shed light on whether Kanye called de Blasio:

And now, Kim Kardashian just Tweeted/threatened: