Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has become one of the steady voices of sanity throughout the coronavirus pandemic. He's consistently relayed reliable, sobering information about the challenges facing the nation without reverting to hyperbole or sensationalism. He was the guest on the latest quarantine edition of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, offering his insights on what makes COVID-19 so insidious and busting myths about the virus.

He had particularly pointed advice for younger people who have been cavalier about the spread of the virus: "Even though you are young, you are not absolutely invulnerable," Fauci said. "So, you have a responsibility, not only to protect yourself but you almost have a societal, moral responsibility to protect other people."

Jimmy Kimmel spoke with presidential candidate Joe Biden, who said that coronavirus was not Trump's fault, but said the federal government's response has been lacking. And he talked about what he'd do differently: “But the lack of alacrity, the speed with which he’s responding to these things, I think could be improved considerably…For example, I called for the Defense Production Act to be used, to be implemented by the president.” He added, “He hasn’t done what it seems to me is rational to do.”

Kimmel also asked where Biden has been lately: “I’m not officially quarantined, but I’m trying to follow the rules here,” Biden said. “I’m not going out. I’m keeping distance. We have folks who come in from the Secret Service, but they wear masks and gloves. We try to do it by the numbers.”

Seth Meyers had another installment of "A Closer Look," focusing on how the president and some his allies have been saying we should care more about the stock market than saving lives. He also was critical of Trump's assertion that he wanted to reopen the nation by Easter, and that he said he hoped churches are full on Easter. "Your plan to deal with a very contagious disease is to pack as many people as possible into enclosed spaces, have them touch their faces and drink out of the same cup?" Meyers said. "That's not even a great idea when there isn't a pandemic. It's almost like he's trying to get as many people sick as he possibly can."

Stephen Colbert won't return with normal segments until next week, but he's still been uploading funny videos of him fumbling around his house. For the newest video, he dealt with his "Colbeard" and showed off an uncanny Robert Downey Jr. look.

Jimmy Fallon talked to Alec Baldwin and Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer, but the best part of his clip is when he asks his daughters to rate his jokes (they uniformly don't like them).

And Conan O'Brien "learned" how to use a selfie stick and offered some home improvement "tips."