The Foo Fighters have four area shows coming up next month (including two sure-to-be massive ones at Citi Field), and frontman Dave Grohl may very well have to be in a cast for it after he took an unfortunate tumble yesterday at a show in Gothenburg, Sweden. But considering his devotion to making sure all his fans have the best time possible, we have no doubt that Grohl will play all those shows no matter what state he's in.

Grohl miscalculated a jump onto a ramp during "Monkey Wrench" and fell into the security pit, just two songs into the band's show at Ullevi stadium. "I think I just broke my leg," he told the crowd while on the ground. "I think I really broke my leg!" Below, you can see footage of all this play out.

Grohl told the crowd, "You have my promise right now that the Foo Fighters, we're gonna come back and finish this show. But right now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna go to the hospital, I'm gonna fix my leg. But then I'm gonna come back, and we're gonna play for you again! I'm so sorry!"

The band continued to play covers and assorted tunes for the crowd, and less than an hour later, Grohl was carried into the stadium and remained true to his word, performing a blistering version of "Under Pressure" while his leg was being attended to. Skip to the three minute mark to see the great moment.

"I may not be able to walk or run but I can still play guitar and scream," Grohl added. The band continued playing songs, including "The Pretender" and "All My Life," with him in this position (and on crutches) for another two-and-a-half hours. You can see more videos below.

The band later tweeted a photo showing an X-ray of what appears to be Grohl's broken bone.