After years of anticipation and trailers, Star Wars: The Star Wars Merchandising Awakens is finally out in movie theatres, and almost every late night host celebrated in their own ways last night. First up is Conan O'Brien (remember him?!), who dedicated the entire episode to the movie, starting with a cold open featuring all the characters from the original trilogy (Jango Fett, Bib Fortuna, Oola, etc) who are bitter about not being asked to return for the new movie.

Conan also talked to JJ Abrams and Harrison Ford, allowing producer Jordan Schlansky to ask a very pedantic question about Luke's lightsaber.

Stephen Colbert was mostly concerned with avoiding spoilers before he saw the film, to the point that he flooded the Internet with as many fake spoilers as possible.

Jimmy Fallon had a very Jimmy Fallon segment: "Star Wars Raps."

Also, Fallon sent one of his producers out in Manhattan to talk to people about the new film (and see if they noticed him mispronouncing the title).

Seth Meyers had Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and the cast of Sisters on to talk about their film (also opening this weekend), and they used Star Wars action figures to convince people to watch their film.

Fey and Poehler also talked about being each other's work wives.

Jimmy Kimmel didn't really have any Star Wars content, probably because he was too busy lying to strangers about the news, so instead, enjoy all the Star Wars puns in Sian Welby's weather report from 5 News in England.