Former cast member Chris Rock made his return to Studio 8H to host Saturday Night Live last night. Last week's episode was a Halloween-themed lark that ended up being a surprisingly good, fun reflection of host Jim Carrey's outsized personality. This week's was more in line with Chris Rock's sensibilities, and besides a provocative monologue, it did not gel very well.

Carrey's episode had the energy of a Flubber-powered slinky, but things felt off this week. There were a lot more cue card flubs and awkward moments than usual (including one painfully awkward moment), there was some reaching that fell very short (Shark Tank: ISIS Edition), and the audience seemed a step behind. Rock's monologue was as excellent as you'd expect from one of the preeminent stand-up comedians of his generation, but the audience seemed jittery at some of the jokes about the Boston Marathon. They finally got into it with the hilarious riff on the Freedom Tower.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of subsequent sketches that fell flat: some were too unfocused (Vlogging With Janelle), some were bland political satire (the cold open), some were bad political satire (aforementioned ISIS sketch), and one was the worst sketch on the show of the season so far (Anniversary).

There were a few good parts: recurring sketch How's He Doing was a welcome sight (even if it didn't reach the heights of last year's Kerry Washington episode), Taylor Swift Vertigo was the spiritual successor to last year's Beygency, and there was something sweetly understated about digital short Robbers.

Final sketch of the night Women In The Workplace In The 1990s certainly went all out weird, but it was no classic (despite Kate McKinnon having an amazing nonsense accent). Weekend Update was probably the weakest its been this season—we like new cast member Pete Davidson's pseudo stand-up bits, but this is the third time in five episodes SNL has gone to that well; it's been routinely enjoyable, but it doesn't quite feel like a breakout bit (a la Stefon, Drunk Uncle or The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With At A Party) yet, which doesn't bode well. Even Michael Che, one of the best things about this season so far, stumbled on a few jokes.

So overall, not the finest SNL episode of the year. Click through to check out the highlights and the absolute best moment of the night: Prince's eight-minute funk-soul-guitargod medley of new tunes "Clouds," "Marz" and "Another Love." Woody Harrelson will host on Nov. 15th, with musical guest Kendrick Lamar.