Today marks the 32nd anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon. Lennon was shot outside of his home at the Dakota on Dec. 8th, 1980 by Mark David Chapman. In past years, we highlighted several TV news broadcasts from back then, as well as images of New Yorkers following his death. This year, we've decided to celebrate his life by revisiting some of our favorite videos, fun anecdotes, and other weird Lennon ephemera. Click through to check that out.

As always, there are are plenty of tributes around the web to Lennon to mark the occasion—you can check out the NY Times's "Remembering Lennon" special section; you could bid on one of many vintage newspapers from the time; or you could read pieces at Mother Jones, the LA Times, and the Examiner.

Yoko Ono asks that people put their Lennon tributes right here—there are already over 1400 messages! Some other great bits: you can re-read Lennon's last Rolling Stone interview here; listen to a dial scan of the NYC radio dial the night Lennon died here (via WFMU); and below, listen to Paul McCartney's tribute to his former songwriting partner, "Here Today."