Sometimes you're just hanging out your Jersey Shore bar, enjoying a beer and listening to the band. And then suddenly Bruce Springsteen shows up.

The Boss appeared at Asbury Park's Wonder Bar, to play with Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers and Eddie Manion. The Asbury Park Press reports that they played for more than two hours, "[i]t featured 15 songs with an emphasis on Springsteen's 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' period along with nuggets like 'Because the Night,' 'Pink Cadillac' and 'Light of Day.'"

There was also great stage banter:

During the intro for "Frankie Fell in Love," Springsteen explained that when he lived with E Street Band member Steven Van Zandt on Sixth Avenue in Asbury Park, nobody did the dishes.

"Steven's an enormous slob, so he forced me into playing the Felix role," Springsteen said. "He didn't do any dishes, the clothes were all over the floor all the time."

Springsteen had a plan.

"I'd let the dishes stack up in the sink until he couldn't stand it anymore and he'd have to wash them. Days went by, corn flake bowls stacked higher and higher."

The plan didn't work. When Springsteen started washing the dishes, the phone rang, he became distracted and he left the water running, which flooded their downstairs neighbors. The two were subsequently kicked out of the apartment.

The story harkens back to the time in the early '70s when the city's boardwalk was crowded and full of activity. Saturday, the boardwalk was crowded and full of activity. When the Boss spoke-sang the intro of his 1982 hit "Atlantic City, " he paused after the line: "but maybe everything that dies someday comes back."

"Maybe Asbury Park is back?" Springsteen said, to cheers.

Here's the setlist, via's Stan Goldstein plus videos that we could find:

1. Never Be Enough Time
2. Adam Raise A Cain
3. Darkness on the Edge of Town
4. Racing in the Street (1978 version)

5. Chain Smoking
6. Talking To The King
7. Save My Love

8. Frankie Fell In Love

9. Atlantic City
10. Pumping Iron

11. Code Of Silence
12. Because The Night
("This is for all the ladies in the house tonight," Bruce said).
13. The Promised Land

14. Pink Cadillac
(Bruce brought the crowd down low and then had then sing along on the final verse)
15. Light of Day