We may be sticklers for subway etiquette, but we're not above recognizing passion when it is literally screaming in our face and won't stop. To that end, we bring you the man in the videos below, who was spotted singing Michael Jackson's "Thriller," Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger" and The Wanted "Glad You Came" on a 4 train in Brooklyn this week. Are you impressed by his enthusiasm, or do you feel a kinship with the red bearded man sitting next to him, who seems to be fantasizing about punching him?

Some are already assuming this is staged, but the uploader writes: "Honestly, no staging here. this guy just kept singing and dancing. I have a fourth video from the series where he sings "moves like jagger" but it's ruined by someone yelling at him the whole time." Either way, it's still better than subway bowling or platform dance parties. Check out the other two songs below.