Last night Bill Murray was the guest on the penultimate Late Show with David Letterman, a host he's sat with about 44 times now. Their many visits together were honored last night in this retrospective they aired:

Murray also made a last ditch attempt to get New Yorkers (and America) to rally around Dave, making him stay in that chair for another 30 years. Mostly people just wanted selfies with Murray, though.

To make his final grand entrance on Letterman's show, Murray used a Bill Murray-sized cake to jump out of, giving women everywhere a new Bachelorette Party Goal.

Note to ladies wanting to make out with Murray: you can accomplish that by standing in front of him, gripping his hands and not letting go, leaning forward, and opening your mouth up very wide. All the way. Then just wait for it...

You can watch the full episode right here. When you're done, do what Murray did—after taping the show, he went out to dinner and had oysters and rosé (and grass-fed steak), then fell off his chair while appearing on The Lawrence O'Donnell show.