Wheeee! (Photos via Maria Carey's Instagram)

Early this morning Mariah Carey and her sparkling gown took public transit—a scene she shared with the world through a series of Vines, which play out like some sort of sad and twisted version of Enchanted starring a broken mermaid.

Below, Carey is seen spinning through the streets of New York City after attending the Fresh Air Fund’s Spring Gala at Chelsea Piers. Her gown dragging on the ground, she eventually declares that since she's "underdressed" (and hasn't been in Page Six for a while) she "might as well take the subway," and enters the Franklin Street station. At certain points she's in a building, and then a cab, wearing sunglasses, running with cleavage, and then by video four you'll be so firmly planted inside of the mind of Mariah that it'll all make sense. Just remember your safe word to get back out.

Below, watch Maria in her best starring-as-herself role since that episode of MTV's Cribs.