Last night, Jimmy Fallon welcomed Barbra Streisand to The Tonight Show. It was quite an event, given that the last time she was on the program was in the 1963. Besides singing some of her duets with Fallon, she got to sit at the host's desk. Streisand said, "Are you kidding?" and Fallon joked, "Let's be honest — you're never coming back here."

Of course, maybe this set-up was a way to flatter the Erasmus High alum, who famously favors her left profile. Streisand interviewed Fallon a little, channeling Dr. Susan Lowenstein.

She also insisted she's not a diva and said that she lives a simple life—riding in a truck with husband James Brolin:

As for the singing, here's the Hollywood Reporter's description:

In honor of Streisand's new album Partners, which features her singing duets with various high-profile vocalists, she sang a live medley of three tunes. Jimmy Fallon joined her by impersonating three of her duet partners from the album.

Streisand sang the first verse of Presley's "Love Me Tender," and then Fallon joined her in an Elvis wig and sunglasses. "My king," Streisand quipped as Fallon did his best on the chorus with Presley's signature inflection.

Next, Streisand performed "I'd Want It to Be You," with Fallon wearing a cowboy hat (natch) as The Voice judge Blake Shelton. "That was actually good," Streisand told Fallon, sounding genuinely surprised.

They ended with a love song, singing "It Had to Be You" with Fallon filling in for crooner Michael Bublé. Fallon really got into the spirit and went in for a kiss, but Streisand wasn't feeling quite as swept away.

And, for nostalgia, here's a 1963 performance of Streisand on The Judy Garland Show: