A year removed from their "The Economy Sucks Let's Party Tour," members of the punk pop band Anti-Flag turned up at Zuccotti Park yesterday afternoon to perform an eight-song acoustic set for Occupy Wall Street protesters. It was mostly a showcase for lead singer Justin Sane, who performed a cover of The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" along with some originals—bassist/co-singer Chris #2 joined in for the last song, "This Is The End."

Photographer Jim Keirnan was there, and he told us he saw Kelly Schomburg, one of the girls who was pepper-sprayed by cops: "I introduced her and told [Sane] that she was one of the girls that got pepper-sprayed and he gave her a big hug and kiss—it was really sweet of him. He also signed her pants (her request). She seemed pretty happy and is doing fine."

You can see those pictures above, along with shots of Sane performing and some of the signage protesters were carrying with them yesterday. Below, you can also watch four videos from the nonchalant performance.