Katy Perry returned to Saturday Night Live, this time as the host (she was memorable in a skit last year), but it seems her evening was upstaged by the attention-starved 30 Rock star, Alec Baldwin. Baldwin, who amused the nation this week when he was kicked off a plane for being rude to the crew who wanted him to stop playing with his cellphone, appeared on Weekend Update as airline pilot "Steve Rogers" and issued his sincerest apologies to Baldwin, "Mr. Baldwin is an American treasure and I am ashamed of the way he was treated."

Other highlights: A good Digital Short with cameos from Matt Damon and Val Kilmer, an amusing sequel to New Year's Eve, the Queen's Cockney gangster attitude, a cold opening about the GOP race with Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond!), and a very good Weekend Update, with Stefon and flirting expert Rebecca Larue. Musical guest was Robyn, who looked like an enchanted elf.