Last night was the much anticipated 37th season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Future mayor Alec Baldwin hosted for a record 16th time, breaking a tie with Steve Martin—Martin made a guest appearance during the monologue to make sure Baldwin wasn't using any performing-enhancing drugs (Seth Rogen was also there...for no particular reason). Baldwin, who addressed the Schweddy Balls controversy at one point as well, unloaded some fantastic impressions throughout the night, including his versions of Al Pacino, Tony Bennett, and Rick Perry.

You can watch the whole episode here. Click through for highlights including the less-embarrassing-than-usual political cold open ("Either The 7th or 8th GOP Debate"), Top Gun lost screentests, the "Who's On Top" gameshow, and best of all, a very silly and funny "All My Children" parody. Musical guest Radiohead made their first SNL appearance since 2001, performing slinky falsetto-drenched single "Lotus Flower" and the synth-heavy non-album track "Staircase"—you can click through to see those as well.

Also worth noting: at the very end of the show, Baldwin held up a sign which read, "She's My Carla." Is it a reference to his 27-year-old girlfriend? His daughter? Or perhaps its a secret message to some mysterious Starbucks barista?