Gothamist's devotion to Canadian son Pat Kiernan is well documented, but it was fellow NY1 reporter Roger Clark who shredded his way into the spotlight this morning. In a segment about tonight's US Air Guitar Semifinals at the Bowery Ballroom, Clark showcased some…enthusiastic!…air guitar skills at local bar One Mile House. Look out for Kiernan's complete loss for words around the 30 second mark:

Clark got a lot of buzz for his energetic performance, earning him some new fans, no doubt. But guys, Roger Clark has always been awesome, like the time he attempted to breakdance:

And Rickrolled everybody:

And proclaimed his love for The Outfield:

He's also the drummer in band called Perp Walk:

His Twitter feed is also glorious, regularly Tweeting things like music recommendations:

And reflective observations:

And personal takes on popular songs:

Basically, Roger Clark is exactly the kind of guy you want dishing out your news on air guitar championships and dressing up as corn.

Bonus: Clark also rocked out to some Kansas this morning and couldn't resist singing along, which it turns out isn't against the rules!