Since Zosia and Clara Mamet practically lost money on their Kickstarter campaign, which aimed to raise $32,000 to make one music video for their band, The Cabin Sisters, they're slumming it in the city's small venues. Where they are probably making a lot more money than your friend's band. Over the weekend the girls played two shows, one at Pianos on the LES, and the other at Grand Victory in Williamsburg. Here's what you missed:

We planned on attending last night's Pianos show, but something more important came up. So here are the thoughts we had after watching Bedford + Bowery's video from Saturday night's Williamsburg show.

Jen Carlson: I feel like this drummer is super bad
Chris Robbins: Drummer actually ain't that bad, I think the singing is milquetoast and mealy. Like, of COURSE this is what it would sound like.
Jen: Yeah, a very "Rich Bored Manhattan Girls Go To Family's Cabin In The Woods For A Weekend, Find Thrift Store" sound.
Chris: I didn't hear a single note come out of that fucking banjo either. IT'S A PROP.
Jen: In the other video she's not even using it.

Jake: Just being sad doesn't make you Nico. Oh girl—hot pants on a tall stool? More like Cameltoe sisters, amiright?
Jen: Would you go see them live?
Jake: Listen, if I want to see an actress in hotpants get down with a banjo, I've got Jenny Lewis.