Zooey Deschanel—what can't she do? That's rhetorical, because as we all know, the doe-eyed Deschanel can do whatever the fuck she likes, and better than you. Or at least, more Deschanel-y than you. She's currently starring in the sitcom The New Girl (where her quirky character somehow manages to out-Zooey the real Zooey), she's in a band with M. Ward, she is the only person who can launch a website and call it HelloGiggles.com, she's in those Cotton commercials, she got Ben Gibbard to marry her, she's just adorable, and last night she sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" before Game 4 of the World Series while wearing a red, white and blue minidress and at least 5 inch heels. And she didn't even mess up any words.