With full subway service unlikely to return until early next week—around the same time power should be restored to most of Manhattan—you might be thinking of forgoing any parties and having a quiet Saturday night at home. But all that is probably just an excuse to get out of doing anything so you can watch the one-and-only Louis C.K. hosting SNL for the first time...unless you don't have power, of course. Below, check out the first promos for the episode, in which C.K. embraces Halloween and Hurricane Sandy.

The cold open has to be about Sandy, right? Fred Armisen will play the mayor, but who will play enchanting sign language translator Lydia Callis? Who will don the black turtleneck of authority to inhabit the role of Ray Kelly? While you think about that, SNL revealed their next two host/musical guest combos: Anne Hathaway will host for the third time on November 10th, with Rihanna the music guest (this will be her fourth time); and Jeremy Renner will host for the first time on November 17th, with Maroon 5 the musical guest (for the fourth time as well).