Comedian Mark Malkoff may be the next Ralph Nader. From visiting all of Manhattan's 171 Starbucks, to living in a New Jersey IKEA, to beating a crosstown bus in a race (on a Big Wheel!), he's a consumer advocate on a mission. In his latest effort, Malkoff endeavors to test the mettle of the ever-so-patient Apple staff at stores in the New York area. Watch him enjoy a romantic date with his wife, get his iPhone fixed as Darth Vader, and bring a handsome-looking goat into the Apple store at 67th & Broadway.

Just like so many dogs before it, the goat seemed somewhat perplexed at all of the shiny glass and the hoards of people paying $500 for a thing that's like a less-functional laptop. While it's nice to know that you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want in an Apple store, that will make your threats to "bring my ferret, Bubba, in here until you extend my warranty" completely useless.