A former cabbie (this guy again) who is trying to promote his book got back behind the wheel recently and has just released a "shock video" that shows him picking up passengers who are unaware there's A GODDAMN GIANT SNAKE IN THE CAB. Hahahaha LOL got ophidiophobia? Too late cab's already moving you can't escape.

Jimmy Failla's book publicist insists this is no hoax—we were told, "The snake was real and nothing was scripted. Jimmy said they got releases from everyone afterward." Thankfully, Failla doesn't drive a cab full time anymore, but "occasionally will get behind the wheel every now and then 'for fun.'"

Watch below as he has "fun" surprising New Yorkers with a 14-foot Burmese python, which slinks into the backseat of the moving cab with them—as the press release puts it, "screams and panic attacks ensue." Hilarious.