As Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey sends its wooden Rolling Thunder roller coaster to the woodchipper, it makes way for a new ride: the Zumanjaro Drop Of Doom. According to the ride will bring the passenger up 415 feet before dropping them straight down at 80 MPH as a roller coaster loops around them. Hopefully safety measures will be taken to a new Insanely Protective And Worried Mother Who Has An OCD-Level Tendency To Doublecheck Locks" level.

About that added roller coaster feature—the park's Kingda Ka will "hurl toward riders on Zumanjaro at speeds up to 128 mph. Its three, 41-story towers will be built on the face of the roller coaster." This will all be complete by next year. Meanwhile, Six Flags Great America is building the world’s most extreme wooden roller coaster, which looks a lot like the Texas Giant.

Office daredevil Nell Casey reacted as such: "They're building it INSIDE Kingda Ka, which I will NEVER EVER GO ON because they don't run it when it's windy. Terrifying." Still, not as scary as anything at Action Park though.