We were riveted by the sprawling PBS documentary on Woody Allen's career last year—if you're a fan and you haven't seen Woody Allen: A Documentary, we highly recommend it—but we never saw the below interview before now. Allen has already been asked a million questions about his love of jazz and how much he dislikes Manhattan, but director Robert Weide decided to try to throw him off with 12 unusual questions he's likely never been asked before. If you ever wanted to know what Allen thinks is the most annoying thing about himself, watch below.

Some of the questions included: his three movie star crushes (Rita Hayworth, Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner), the hardest thing he's had to give up for health reasons (Malteds), the most annoying thing about himself (constant whining), the dead person he'd like to have dinner with (nobody, unless Sidney Bechet picked up the check), the film he has defended not liking (Some Like It Hot), and whether he'd rather sacrifice watching movies or sports (movies, because sporting events "remain thrilling").

He gave a poignant response to the question of one thing you did as a kid that he'd be furious to learn that his kids did: "I stole, cheated and made fires." And he was asked to choose between nightmare scenarios: being stuck in an elevator with the power out or stuck in a nice hotel suite with animals and synthetic dance music playing. "This is not a good choice," Allen responded. "I don't think I could be in a pet shop that long. It's a disgusting choice, either case. I don't think I could do either one."