Not to sound like An Old, but ladies ladies ladies... what are you doing here? Maybe it's time to join an afterschool program, or take up the French horn (great way to get a scholarship), or just make new friends, or do literally anything else but twerk on the subway tracks while some dude films you for The Internet.

While neither of these young women (who clearly didn't want their faces on film) twerked on to the third rail, and everyone left unscathed (presumably!), this is still youthful idiocy at its finest. And it's not even "cool"... Miley Cyrus did it in August for media conglomerate Viacom. Albeit, probably on a sound stage where a subway couldn't come barreling down the tunnel, crushing her before she ever had a chance to really live, feel what it's like to have hope and love and everything good in life... seriously, ladies! Stop.