Isn't it enough that we hold beauty contests for them? Isn't it enough that we try to provide them with birth control? For some people, nothing will be enough when it comes to their beloved pet rats. The woman in the video below cuddling with her baby rats (they were born 5 days ago) explains why she treats them like her own children as she cleans their cage on the subway: "She's like my daughter, I'm the mother. So why would I let my child sit in something they shit in...that's kind of harsh...I look at them all as God's creatures because God created at the end of the day I treat them as my equal." It's just too bad she can't treat her fellow straphangers as equals and respect them enough not to clean her disgusting, disease-laden rat cage in a public place.

We appreciate how much she cares for her babies, but she's lucky none of her fellow riders ended up shrieking wildly, or suffering from PTSD because of the close quarters. She's also lucky none of her rats crawled on anybody's face—well, we're all lucky that didn't happen, because people tend not to react to well to that sort of thing.

But hey, at the end of the day, this lady still has nothing on our favorite subway rat owner, Rat Man. Does she make out with her rats in public? We think not.