[UPDATE BELOW] Well. Here is a video of a performance artist doing her performance art in a backyard in Bushwick. We gather from the YouTube page that her name is Katherine Tarpinian, and it appears that her medium is fresh milk and kiddie pools. Watch a small but rapt audience fall under her bewitching lactic spell:

Who the hell knows. It's probably a viral marketing stunt for big dairy. ("UDDERLY IRRESISTIBLE!") The tipster who passed along the video adds some color:

A friend of mine attended a backyard performance in Bushwick a few days ago, put on by a girl whose name I don't know. The video is of some kind of interpretive dance—at first she starts off doing a sexy little jig while standing in a kiddie pool full of milk. It progresses to her submerging herself in the pool, speaking gibberish. Then she takes a couple bottles of a milky/honey mixture and proceeds to dump them all over herself. Her audience is dumbfounded. Look at the guy @ 2:12! Her performance is even TOO hipster for him.

If bathing in a pool full of milk is part of hipster culture, I want no part of it. She's pretty hot though. Anyway, thought I'd share.

The dude who takes his shades off at 2:12 really does make this complete. Rick Swenson, who took this video, did some award-winning YouTube work here, first by holding his cell phone horizontally, and second by panning over repeatedly to the audience of performance art fans. It's one hell of a show. Who cares what it's all about? Our only question really is what those mattresses are for.

Update: The video was made as part of an NYU Film School assignment. Read all about it here.