It's been nearly a month since we got our first look at new footage from the penultimate season seven of Game Of Thrones, which means it's time for another glimpse at what's going on in Westeros. And based on the newest trailer, a lot of long-simmering conflicts will finally come to a head.

We start out with Whisperfinger offering Sansa voiceover advice about fighting every battle everywhere, which sounds a bit exhausting to be honest. Then we get glimpses of all the main characters, from Tyrion to Theon to Brienne (and Pod!). There's Jon Snow, with snow-covered hair, somewhere seemingly beyond The Wall; Dany is doing that thing Stannis used to do where he would glide his hands over the map of Westeros at Dragonstone; Arya is riding a horse, Jaime looks ready for battle in armor, dragons are flying through the air. There are quick shots of The Hound, Beric Dondarrion with his flaming sword, ravens flying, and Bran in a wheelchair seemingly watching the Night's King.

There are a lot of glimpses of various (undoubtedly epic) battles, including the Greyjoy armies arriving at King's Landing, The Unsullied letting loose in a city, and the Dothraki galloping into battle alongside the dragons (and even through their fire). And the whole thing ends with Sansa in voiceover quoting Ned Stark, coupled with shots of Jon Snow seemingly kicking some White Walker butt.

July 16th is less than a month (or 25 days) away. The Game Of Thrones Power Rankings, the only authoritative power rankings for the Seven Kingdoms (trust no imitators!), will return on July 17th.