As Drudge Report has eagerly reported, work production in the United States has ground to a halt as millions of Americans have frantically set up streams and/or skipped work in order to watch the pivotal US/Germany World Cup match today. In other words, Americans newfound passion for futbol means we may have finally decided to pay attention to AND actively participate in the world's favorite past time.

More proof: an American authority no less than Will Ferrell has gotten in on the madness, crashing a fan party in Recife, Brazil to pump up the crowd: "If the game gets close, I will bite, I will bite the opponent."

Considering his predilection for bumbling sports-themed films (see: Talladega Nights, Semi-Pro, Blades Of Glory), it's just a matter of time before he makes a soccer film, right? (And no, we don't count Kicking And Screaming, no one should be forced to watch that film).

Ferrell was joined by Teddy Goalsevelt, who got the crowd to chant the somewhat unwieldy but hopeful: "I believe that we will win." If you still are looking for ways to watch the game, check out our guide here.

[h/t Mashable]