Did you know that MTA Conductors are required to point at the black and white striped boards you see at every station? In 2011, a conductor explained what was up with all that pointing:

"We're pointing at the conductor's indication board, which is a zebra-striped sign. If the sign is in front of my window, it means that the entire train is on the platform. They don't trust us to just look, so required procedure is to point to it at every station before we open the doors. The absolute biggest violation a conductor can make is opening the doors where there isn't a platform. If that ever happens, the first thing supervision is going to ask you is 'Did you point to the board?'"

Some New Yorkers decided to have some fun with this rule recently, standing below the boards with signs that read: "You are not wearing pants right now," "Shoot the target with your laser finger [bullseye]," "You are dead sexy," "The 2nd Ave Subway is a lie," and other things that made our underground guides smile a little during their workday:

[via Reddit]