If you happened to be anywhere around Midtown Manhattan last night, or had a bird's eye view of it, you may have noticed the Empire State Building was having a real colorful moment. Update: Seems like it was for an Eminem video; see details below.

Helicopters were spotted hovering around the ESB starting around 11 p.m. Saturday, and continued for at least two more hours, as lights rapidly flashed and cycled through various colors. Did it have something to do with Comic Con? A film shoot? Did somebody figure out how to hack into the lights? Was it a cry for help by the lights operator? Was Banksy at it again?!

According to the ESB website, it was supposed to be lit orange and blue in honor of the New York Islanders' 2018-19 home opener on Saturday. And the landmark has light shows—just not at midnight.

One person on Twitter said they "heard it come [over] as a '10-10 code they have permission to fly around the Empire State Building to film a music video.'" A few others claimed that it was an Eminem video shoot.

The NYPD and FDNY had no information on the lights ("we don't run the Empire State Building," a police spokesperson told us) and whether Eminiem is to blame for freaking out and/or delighting unexpected New Yorkers and tourists. But for now, I choose to believe that the ESB lights operator just really wanted to go for it after this very long week.

Update: It appears the lights and helicopters were indeed for Eminem. An eagle-eyed fan noticed that director James Larese, who has shot other videos for the rapper, Instgrammed a vertiginous photograph from NYC and posted some details about the shoot on IG stories:

The 103rd floor is the building's most exclusive platform, which is very narrow with a knee-high parapet and a small room that houses electrical equipment. It's believed the video is for a song that will be on the soundtrack to Bodied, a rap battle film produced by Eminem. In the meantime, Eminem is in movie theaters now, rapping about Venom over the end credits of Venom.