Recently Justin Bieber urinated into a mop bucket housed in the basement of a New York City restaurant because egomaniacal teenage pop stars mixed with alcohol is The Devil's Cocktail. While the video that his "friend" filmed showing the incident mostly features Bieber's back, TMZ seems pretty confident this is him, saying they were "told Bieber and his idiotic friends were leaving some nightclub, exiting through a restaurant kitchen, and Bieber decided he needed to take a leak. But rather than go to a bathroom like a civilized person, Bieber whipped out his junk and whizzed into a yellow mop bucket used to clean the restaurant's floors." His hype men cheered on, "That's the coolest spot to piss."

So, let's try to unfurl the mystery of what floors have now been mopped with Bieber Pee. Some clues:

  • It's definitely in Manhattan, because LOL to Bieber going out in any other borough.
  • After doing the deed, he yells at a photo: "Fuck Bill Clinton!" So, this place has a photo of Bill Clinton hanging inside.
  • It's described as both a nightclub and a restaurant in TMZ's post, but it looks more like the latter. So this is likely a restaurant/bar that stays open late.
  • The floor tiling is black and white, with some tiles forming flower-esque patterns.

Now see it all for yourself: