A lot of bad things can happen if you fall asleep on the subway or PATH train: you could be robbed, you could inadvertently hang brain, you could waste a perfectly good joint, or you could wake up to a rat nesting on your face. So in the long run, awkwardly cozying up on your fellow straphanger's shoulder and ending up the subject of an amusingly groggy transit video really is one of the most benign options on the table.

A few years ago, sleeping on strangers on the subway became a brief fad after a photo of a black man sleeping against an orthodox Jewish man's shoulder went wildly viral and renewed some people's faith in humanity or whatever. Suddenly everyone wanted to film themselves sleeping on top of strangers!

If you don't want this to happen to you, you can always channel a drowsy marionette and try sleep-standing. But watch out for this guy's shoulder; we're falling asleep just looking at it.