It could have been Tuvan throat singers or Laura Dern's Jurassic Park scream, but the deconstructive elegance of a Fart makes for a successful parody of James Murphy's Subway Symphony project. "The turnstile has to make a sound, it might as well be a fart." Well?

In an email, the creator of the "Subway Fartyssy," Jason Selvig, told us, "The MTA has over $34 billion in debt. Why not spend another $100 million on turning the subway sounds into farts?" Selvig adds, "I guarantee they are wasting money in stupider ways."

We passed Selvig's website along to James Murphy's manager. No response—yet.

"I am open to working with James Murphy if he wants to join my project," Selvig says. "We could call it 'Musical Farts' or something. But, I have a feeling the farts would end up being six to ten minutes long."