Tourism is at an all-time high in NYC, and that's true for our waterways as well: a humpback whale was spotted doing laps around Liberty Island this morning by the Coast Guard. An Instagram user was able to capture the whale, whom he nicknamed "Fudgey" (after the famous Carvel ice cream cake), in the video below.

The Coast Guard sent out an alert about the whale around 8 a.m. Thursday. "We’ve seen lots and lots of whales all summer long and have even seen them recently along Rockaway Beach and the Jersey Shore," Paul Sieswerda of Gotham Whale, which tracks marine life in the area, told the News. "But it’s rare to have them inside of New York Harbor."

He added, "It was probably chasing fish inside the harbor and ended up staying there because that’s where the fish are."

Even if the big guy is a little out-of-place, this is still nicer than the last couple whale-sightings we've had: last summer, a handful of whale carcasses washed up on various local beaches.